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There's an intangible thing inside all of us. A part greater than the whole. It cannot be quantified; it is unique to whomever it belongs. It is the lens through which we see the world, that we might show others. Our past and our future. Some call it roots. Some heritage. Whatever we call it, it fills us with pride and passion and a desire that others might see its beauty the way we do. For me, that thing is Gabon.

Teddy Ondo Ella Artistic Director & Founder

06 / 02 / 17

Press release

You’ve heard of Made in France, China or Italy. But what about Made in Gabon?Entrepreneur Teddy Ondo Ella, who grew up between France and Gabon, a country located on the equator in western Africa, is out to set things straight. The self-taught designer a few months ago launched his urban streetwear line, Only Made in Gabon, which is based on Gabonese codes but produced in Portugal. The upcoming edition of New York Fashion Week: Men’s in July,

05 / 30 / 17

Press release

In his summer edition the magazine L'essential Homme has devoted a six-page focus on Teddy Ondo Ella, the opportunity for him to give his vision of fashion, his inspirations, love of his country and his future projects .

05 / 30 / 17

Paris Press Trip

As part of the promotion of ONLY MADE IN GABON and its future eponymous brand, TEDDY ONDO ELLA, which will be presented this summer in New York.

Part 1

Part 2

04 / 13 / 17

Press Trip - part 2

ONLY MADE IN GABON is above all a way of life.

04 / 13 / 17

Press Trip - Part 1

As part of a press trip organized by ONLY MADE IN GABON, we had the great honor to receive in Libreville, GQ STYLE represented by its Fashion Director Mobolaji Dawodu, Esquire Magazine represented by Mikelle DeAundre Street, V magazine represented by Ashley Simpson, as well as Mustafa Kacar famous blogger and influencer.

ONLY MADE IN GABON video "What are you made ou of ?"

03 / 19 / 17

SS17 Campaign


Video - Behind the scene

Behind the scene