Our Brand

Values & Vision

There's an intangible thing inside all of us. A part greater than the whole. It cannot be quantified; it is unique to whomever it belongs. It is the lens through which we see the world, that we might show others. Our past and our future. Some call it roots. Some heritage. Whatever we call it, it fills us with pride and passion and a desire that others might see its beauty the way we do. For me, that thing is Gabon.

Teddy Ondo Ella Artistic Director & Founder



Gabon, Through My Eyes

Raised with a passion for clothing, Teddy Ondo Ella captures African sensibility & creativity towards fashion, inspired by his youth in Gabon and his original muse, his mother. Our clothes are how we express ourselves to the world around us. Simple, graphic and stylish, Only Made In Gabon captures that essence, proudly bringing the Gabonese love of fashion to the world through a contemporary lens.



Luxury, style & craftmanship

Manufactured in Portugal from only the finest cotton, we present streetwear infused with Intentional luxury and craftsmanship through attention to every detail. The Gabonese flag is hand-stitched inside every collar represents more than a mark of its creator's heritage, each piece like an anchor of pride and respect.



Hommage to the Fashion Classics

After residing on three continents, Teddy Ondo Ella's strong vision of style and design manifests itself through a sensibility that is both classic, yet simultaneously contemporary, matching strong international influences with a remembrance of the roots in Central Africa from where the vision came. Only Made In Gabon is about classic style with a sense of the most interesting emerging global trends.